How Food Caterer, WYK Catering Increases Organic Traffic by 251% with SEO

The Client Located at Kuala Lumpur, WYK Catering (黃賢記) is a food catering business providing Asian style cuisine with canopy rental services. WYK Catering is well-known for being the creator of crystal canopies in Malaysia. The Mission Food catering is a highly competitive sector in the Klang Valley, with estimated 1,440,000,000 results appears on Google […]

How We Increased Visitors by 52% With The Click-Me Technique

When talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we tend to focus on content and backlinks. After all, they are more often than not the driving force behind a successful SEO campaign. They also tend to be time-consuming, and require plenty of capital investment, taking away from time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere […]

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