SEO for B2B Industry: 100+ Keywords on Google Page 1

The Results 113 Keywords on Google 1st Page 30 Different Landing Pages on Google 1st Page 2015 Since we delivered consistent traffic to the client! The Client Being the leader in commercial cleaning products, iMEC is one of our many successful clients since 2015. In this case study, you are going to learn how we […]

E-Commerce SEO: 580 to 3920 Visitors for Online Retailer

The Results 575% Increase in SEO Traffic 107 Keywords on Google First Page 16% Improvement in Bounce Rate The Client Being the largest outdoor products retailer in Malaysia, Evergreen started with a humble beginning since 1993 in a small showroom at Campbell Shopping Center. To date, they have expanded to 7 physical stores all over […]

Medical Center SEO Case Study: 46% Traffic Increase in 3 Months!

The Results 46% Increase in SEO Traffic 111 Keywords on Google First Page 23% Increase in Referring Domains The Client Based in Petaling Jaya, Beacon Hospital is one of the leading cancer treatment hospital with over 80 medical specialists. Their business goal is to offer innovative medical resources, doctors and nurses to their patients with […]

How Food Caterer, WYK Catering Increases Organic Traffic by 251% with SEO

The Results 251% Increase in SEO Traffic 56 Keywords on Google First Page 716% Increase in Total Impressions The Client Located at Kuala Lumpur, WYK Catering (黃賢記) is a food catering business providing Asian style cuisine with canopy rental services. WYK Catering is well-known for being the creator of crystal canopies in Malaysia. The Mission […]

How We Increased Visitors by 52% With The Click-Me Technique

When talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we tend to focus on content and backlinks. After all, they are more often than not the driving force behind a successful SEO campaign. They also tend to be time-consuming, and require plenty of capital investment, taking away from time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere […]