Looking for SEO Company in Malaysia? Read This First

By: Terence Lim
By: Terence Lim

– Google Analytics Individual Qualification
– Certified MOZ Advanced SEO
– SEO Strategist since 2009
– PUMA Spokesperson, Part-time Running Coach

You’re here because you’re searching for an SEO company in Malaysia.

This guide tells you everything you need to know before hiring an SEO company.

I’ll also share 3 simple SEO tips I used to skyrocket traffic by 181%.

First, What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to improve visibility on search engines, especially Google.

Let’s look at some interesting stats…

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

Source: SE Journal

72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within 8km.

Source: WordStream

67k searches are performed on Google every second.

Source: SeoTribunal

But, Does SEO Still Work in 2020?

The answer is short and simple – Hell yeah!

Below is a screenshot of how one of my client, WYK Catering’s traffic increased by 181% with our SEO campaign.

malaysia seo case study

70% of marketers believe SEO is more effective than other online advertising.

Why? Because SEO is an inbound marketing strategy.

In other words, your prospects are actively searching for you instead of you going out to find them.

To date, SEO remains the most used marketing tool from small businesses to Fortune 500.

Now you know the importance of SEO.

Keep reading to learn the 3 simple SEO tactics to skyrocket your traffic by 181%.

Before that, allow me to quickly intro myself 🙂

About Me

I’m Terence Lim from KL.

I first heard of “SEO” when I worked in a skincare retailer back in 2009.

It opened up my mind when I saw how effective it converts Google searchers into buyers.

I then ventured into digital marketing and founded JinMatic 4 years later.

Among all the online marketing strategies, SEO remains my all-time favourite.

I am also a Certified Running Coach and spokesperson for PUMA Night Running Club.

My passion and achievement made me featured in local media and invited to speak in events.

My company is a team with less than 5 people.

For any digital marketing company, this sounds small. But we keep our focus on SEO.

Each of us has different skills that are critical for a successful SEO project. For example website audit, copywriting, onsite optimization, backlink acquisition, customer communication, and coffee making 🙂

We pride ourselves in delivering the best results for you.

I enjoy the bitter and sweet when helping local businesses grow. That feeling is like running a marathon but in SEO, the clients share the success with us.

We Rank Their Website

3 SEO Tactics to Skyrocket Your Traffic by 181%

Below are 3 proven SEO tactics I used on my client “WYK Catering” to increase their traffic by 181% within 4 months.

For your information, WYK Catering is a food catering company with more than 30 years of experience.

Good news is, you can apply the same tactics to your business.

Here we go…

SEO Tip #1: Business Directories Submission

Business directories is the digital version of yellow pages.

Here are a few good examples:

Some Malaysia SEO agencies claim that directories are dead.

Whenever I heard this I just smile.

The benefits of submitting your business to directories is HUGE.

Some directories attract millions of traffic a month. The traffic you gain from directories are known as referral traffic.

But it doesn’t stop here.

Directories allow you to submit company website on the profile page, making it a solid backlink.

seo directories

Backlinks is one of the most important ranking factor in SEO. The more quality backlinks you earn, the higher your website rank on search engines.

We usually submit our client’s business to 30 or more directories.


  • Use a unique description for each submission.
  • Submit to dofollow directories.
  • Some directories allow social profiles like Facebook Page. Take this opportunity to promote your social profiles.
  • Local directories work great. If your business is based in Malaysia, try submitting to Malaysia directories.

Most directories are free of charge. If you have a budget you can submit to paid directories.

SEO Tip #2: Create Content With Skyscraper Technique

The Skyscraper Technique” is an SEO term created by SEO Expert Brian Dean.

It is a technique where your landing page covers a topic with in-depth content.

Take WYK Catering as an example. This company provides catering services at event venues.

For instance, “Glasshouse Seputeh” is a popular event venue for wedding couples.

After a careful keyword analysis, we discovered some targeted keywords:


We created a comprehensive guide covered useful info about Glasshouse Seputeh.

Here’s screenshot showing part of the content:

glasshouse seputeh skyscraper technique

After a few weeks, the landing page ranked on Google Page 1 for those targeted keywords.

WYK Catering has many event venues they offer their services to. We replicated the technique for each event venue – created landing page and Skyscraper content for each.

You can apply the same technique to grow your brand credibility and traffic.


  • An in-depth guide usually contains 1000-2000 words.
  • Make it unique and better than your competitors’ content.
  • Divide content into sub-topics with headings <h2> or <h3>.
  • Include pictures and videos.
  • Include call-to-action.

SEO Tip #3: Make It User-Friendly, Not Just Mobile-Friendly

According to a study done by CIODive, up to 70% of web traffic happens on a mobile device.

And you know what, ​Malaysian has a mobile penetration rate of 144.8% as reported in 2016!

I strongly believe these numbers will go up in years to come.

If your website is not mobile-friendly, you’re losing out.

To know if your website is mobile-friendly, you can use this free tool – Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

This great tool will tell if your website is mobile-friendly.

If it’s not, it will show you suggestions on how to fix it.

But making your website mobile friendly is NOT enough.

You need to make your website user-friendly too.

Being mobile-friendly and user-friendly is different.

Your website might have passed the mobile-friendly test but did you browse your website with smartphone?


Is the font big enough to scan your content? Is your website loading fast? Is the call-to-action (eg add-to-cart, checkout, form submission) clear-cut?

Test them now.


  • Consider using WordPress CMS and a responsive design theme. Both are free.
  • Test not only the homepage, but other webpages that are important to your business, eg. about us, contact, product pages, etc.
  • Test both Android and iOS.

You can use Google Analytics to analyze desktop and mobile users.

As we see the mobile has higher bounce rate and lower session duration.

This indicates there might be room for improvement in mobile.

Mobile and user friendliness is one of the most neglected SEO tips you can instantly fix.

Do it and outrank your competitors that haven’t do so.

What About Hiring an SEO Company?

A successful SEO campaign requires a serious plan rather than target some random keywords.

Unless you have an in-house SEO, hiring a qualified SEO company is critical.

Finding a trustworthy SEO company becoming more difficult in recent years – some agencies make empty promises while some actually outsource your project to foreign cheap labor.

seo company malaysia

Not only your money and time are wasted, your website might result in search engine penalties and disappeared deep down in Indian Ocean.

Before hiring an SEO company, you should check their portfolio. Question them on their SEO process, reporting frequency, and set mutual expectations.

6 Reasons How We’re Different

Reports Made for Human

Our monthly ranking reports and quarterly 6-Steps-Audit reports are simple. No complicated reports made for aliens.

Progressive Keywords Addition

No business is static. Have new products or services in the near future? No Problem! We accept new keywords.

We Focus on the Right Metrics

SEO in 2020 is more than ranking positions. We pay close attention to impressions, clicks, and anything that helps achieve your business goals.

We Turn Visitors into Buyers

We’ll make your website lightning-fast, and all necessary steps to transform it into goal converting machine.

Bread and Butter Since 2009

We apply SEO on our own businesses. We’re a small SEO team proudly test proven SEO tactics and deliver results.

Responsive & Transparent Communication

We can be reached via WhatsApp, email, and phone. You’ll also be dedicated to the same team member.

Case Studies

230% Increase in Organic Traffic for SexyWawa

Let’s Work Together

Not ready yet? Check out this guide on questions you need to ask every Malaysia SEO company (including us):

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a SEO Company

Hiring a qualified SEO company in Malaysia can be challenging if you aren’t prepared with the right questions.

To help you make a better decision here are a list of questions (and our answers) you should ask ANY search engine optimization company:

1) What will you do to improve my search rankings and sales?

Every genuine SEO company should be able to explain their SEO process.

Although every business is different and requires a twist in SEO strategy, a general process still applies.

This is how JinMatic SEO process looks like:

seo process

2) What type of backlinks do you build?

Our backlinks can be categorized by “Fundamental Backlinks” and “Power Backlinks“.

Fundamental Backlinks are manual business directories submission and social profiles. These backlinks create a solid brand identity. We do it in a unique way that Google loves it.

Our Power Backlinks consists of guest posts, testimonial links, merger links, niche comments and more. These backlinks are “editorial” which are difficult to get.

If any SEO agency fails to explain what types of backlinks they acquire, stay away from them.

3) How much emphasis do you put on content?

We pay close attention to your content as much as our girlfriend (kidding).

But really, content can make or break an SEO project due to the fact that it has so much impact on backlink acquisition, time-on-site, bounce rate, and more importantly, your conversion rate.

Content is particularly important if your website is newer than competitors’.

For example, our real estate clients often outrank “big sharks” like iProperty and PropertyGuru because we create content that offers value to the searchers.

4) What details do you need?

We’ll need your website backend access.

We also need a webmail account for SEO purpose (eg info@yoursite.com). We’ll create a general email if you can’t provide a webmail account.

You should grant us Google Analytics and Search Console access too. If you don’t have one, we can create for you.

Your hosting account access is optional.

You mentioned that SEO in 2020 is more than ranking positions. Can you elaborate?

We apply SEO on our own businesses too. There were unfortunate time when we discovered being ranked on Page 1 (or even #1) didn’t bring us the revenues as expected.

This could be a result of low search volume, poor meta title, or no clear call-to-action.

In some cases you need more than just a landing page to rank. Sometimes a video works better than a website; sometimes Google Map listing is critical; sometimes snippets help generate more clicks than websites rank move yours.

We learned the lesson that a better understanding of other aspects such as Total Impressions, Click-through-rate, website code and even human behavior help to achieve meaningful results.

5) I’m still sitting on the fence. Do you have a budget-friendly service to test drive?

We understood the decision to hire an SEO company is not easy for some.

The good news is you can try our JinMatic 6-Step Website Audit or Business Directories Submission service.

It is not a complete SEO package but a good chance to learn more about us.

You can order here:
JinMatic 6-Step Website Audit
Business Directories Submission

Tools We’re Good at

Final Words

Wow, you’re really going deep into this page!

I hope you find this page informative, and entertaining.

Throughout my 12 years of journey in SEO, I receive questions like…

Why don’t you provide other digital marketing services?
Why don’t you expand your business to other countries?

To answer those, I’d like to quote Steve Jobs:

Steve Jobs quote

A team like JinMatic allows us to highly focus on delivering meaningful results to your business.

But for the same reason, there is a limit on the number of projects we could accept each month.

Currently, we’re comfortable with taking 8 new projects each month.

We love our job but we need time for family too. A balanced life motivates us to give back more in work 🙂

If you think we’re a good fit, let’s take the first step.

If you have any questions in mind, you can WhatsApp me or get in touch with us now.