terence lim

Hi, my name is Terence Lim.

After graduated from QUT in 2008, I came back to Malaysia and started a online skin care retail store with a partner. I was responsible for “bringing traffic to the website”.

It was a challenging task and for the same reason I discovered search engine optimization (SEO).

It was really cool as I realized that people who found our business via Google are much more likely to make a purchase.

Since then SEO became the main traffic source for the business.

I started to view digital marketing as my career in year 2010, and founded JinMatic.

We’ve worked with clients from various industries across different countries.

With this diversity I hope it benefits you when it comes to analyzing your business challenges and solutions.

Whether you need a holistic SEO campaign, copy writing or data analysis, get in touch with us now for your digital marketing needs.