Discover all errors that could affect your website performance & brand visibility.

“What’s Wrong with My Website?”

This is the most frequently asked question we see in our email inquiries every morning.

And who can blame them? After spending so much money and effort into building a website, only to find that it’s not bringing the traffic and sales they were expecting.

Perhaps your website is using some code which search engines hate…

Perhaps your website isn’t attracting searchers to click on it…

Perhaps your website loading speed is too slow but you are unsure why…

There could be 100+ more “perhaps”…

You’ll never know until a professional SEO Audit is performed.

This is where our SEO audit service came into the picture.

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Why SEO Audit is a MUST for Any Website

seo audit
  • Increase website traffic.
  • Improve user experience.
  • Improve conversion rate.
  • Outrank your competitors on Google.
  • Avoid Google penalties.
  • Discover mistakes that hurt your rankings.
  • Improve all major onsite elements.
  • Customized suggestions from qualified SEO experts.

Some of Our Happy Clients

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“We’ve been working with Terence and his team for the past 6 years for a simple reason – they bring targeted traffic to our online store that actually converts to sales. They not only have the skills to deliver but always taking care of our ongoing business goals.”


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“Talented people! The team lives and breathes your project just like being part of your company employee. Results are noticeable and sales truly increase over time!”


What You Get in This SEO Audit Service

Onsite SEO

We’ll review the structure and other elements of all webpages to make sure that your website is loved by Google!

Offsite SEO

We’ll review your backlink profile, number of backlinks, its growth over time, all the backlinks and other important metrics.

Penalty Identification

Wonder if Google hates your website and penalize you? We’ll perform a finding like a detective.

Competitor Analysis

There are always things that you can learn from your competitors. Let us find out their strength so that you can replicate the success. We analyze 2 competitors for each order.


With all the available data and reports, we’ll provide easy-to-follow suggestions to improve your website SEO.


How many days will I receive my customized SEO Audit in?
Generally, it takes a week or less.

Which platforms/CMS are supported?
We perform SEO audits on custom developed websites as well as on reputed platforms like WordPress, Magento and Shopify.

Does an audit help E-commerce websites too?
Definitely. SEO plays an important role in increasing traffic and converting the traffic to potential clients, therefore, is a must for e-commerce store’s success.

Are you going to technically fix the issues too?
No. Our service only include the audit and we’ll suggest you fixes needed to be done.

Is the suggestions easy to follow by anyone?
Our guidelines are extremely simple to follow, it won’t be difficult for people with no technical knowledge to follow and implement.

Does Google Recommend SEO Audits?
Google is all-in when it comes to SEO audits. In fact they recommend a technical and search audit before you go on to hire an SEO Company.

Order SEO Audit Now

SEO Audit is one of our best selling services for a good reason – it helps check your current SEO status.

Some website owners or marketing directors might not be ready for a complete SEO service yet.

They prefer to have a evaluation (better known as SEO Audit) before they take a bigger step.

This service fits that needs perfectly.

It also helps to identify all critical website errors before wasting more money on other marketing campaign.