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Outrank Your Competitors with High Rankings & Targeted Traffic

Over the years help clients from different fields to rank higher on search engines.

The experience working with clients from different fields allow us to think out of the box when it comes to developing SEO strategies.

Our Certified SEO team will help you outrank your competitors with higher search rankings and quality traffic.

40+ Google Page 1 Rankings for XAMMAX

230% Increase in Organic Traffic for SexyWawa

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in short…

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a complicated process but it is a proven method to help website organically rank higher on search results.

The results displayed on Google per page is 10 when a term is searched. There are usually cases of many websites being similar to yours and only 25% of people go searching further than the 1st page of these search engines.

If you want traffic or clients then it must be one of your top priority to rank on Google’s 1st page.

How JinMatic is Unique from Other Malaysia SEO Agency

certified seo

JinMatic focuses on targeted traffic instead of rankings.

Many SEO agencies promise to rank your business on top of search engines.

But it is meaningless if the traffic is not converting to clients.

What every business need is TARGETED TRAFFIC.

Being qualified in Google Analytics Individual Qualification and SEO, we make use of our experience and knowledge in data to get you more TARGETED traffic.

Established in year 2009, JinMatic offers you the best SEO service in Malaysia to help your business reach millions of eyes.

Our SEO Process


An audit scans your website completely for previous SEO work (if any) along with the content published, it’s architecture, speed, competitor analysis and the current rankings.

Onsite SEO

Improvement made on the internal structure of your site, its content and other website elements. The technical implementations conducted to the website is referred as onsite SEO.

Offsite SEO

The process of offsite SEO includes finding opportunities to attract and create backlinks. This will improve your website authority and rankings on search engine.

Your First Step to SEO Success is Get in Touch with Us

We limit our SEO service to 6 clients a month since 2009. In this way we can give our 100% to every client.

If you’d like to be our client for this month then get to us as quickly as possible.

We look forward to work with you.

Knowledge Base

Keyword Targetting

There are many terms for keywords like ‘queries’ and ‘search phrases’. When a search engine user enters a particular term into the search box it is referred as a keyword.

With us, you are assured to find the best targeted, relevant and profitable keywords to get more traffic to your content and website.

For instance, if you are a wedding organizer then we will help you rank on the first page for terms related to a wedding organizer, wedding planner and other related terms. It won’t be long before you start getting converting traffic on your website meaning – more profit.

Organic Results Vs Paid Results

You have 2 options if you want to show your website on search engines.

One is using Google Ads which promotes your website in the form of advertisement. This promotion is referred to as Pay Per Click.

The 2nd is being naturally listed on Google, as you see the 10 listings on each page.

These top 10 webpages did not pay Google to display them on the top. They are organic and more trustworthy in the eye of searchers.