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Why Ecommerce SEO Matters for Your Website

E-commerce is proven to be a must for Malaysian businesses, with a study discovered that income from online store transactions has grown at a rate of around 6% per year.

Here are more stats:

RM447.8bil income was generated from online store transactions in 2017 (DOSM).

44% of people start their online shopping journey with a Google search (nChannel).

23.6% of ecommerce orders are directly tied to organic traffic (Business Insider).

However, there are still a lot of online store owners struggling to be part of the boon.

They got excited the moment when their online store was built, only to feel disappointed months later for not getting the sales they expected.

Can You be Found?

Although there could be different reasons why your website isn’t attracting more money, the common reason we often heard is lack of TARGET AUDIENCE.

Target audience is where a visitor actively look for solutions (products or services) and often ready to spend money to get it.

Sound sweeeeet?

It’s even sweeter if these target audience look for you and found you instead of you advertising to random people.

This is where E-commerce SEO came into the picture.

How SEO for Ecommerce Works…

Imagine your target audience are looking for the solutions you offered.

They found your product page on Google and take out their credit card. Happy ending.

But this can only happen if your website are visible on top of Google search result listings.

Ever since digital marketing existed, SEO became one of the highest converting traffic channel for a good reason – it’s “Pull Marketing” instead of “Push Marketing”.

In an ideal world, if you have different categories and products on your website, you’ll want to have as many category pages and product pages ranked on Page 1 of Google.

This can only be achieved if your online store is professionally optimized.

Online Stores We’ve Worked with…

Since 2011 we’ve the privilege to work with online stores from different industries.

Our clients’ businesses include clothing, home appliances, training programs, cleaning supplies, adult toys, hotels, movie booking, skin care, real estate, travel agency, glasses, sneakers and more.

After so many years, we’re still excited everytime when we help our clients outrank their competitors on Google.


72% Brand Keywords in Top 10 Search Result


208% Increase in Click-through-rate

Why Collaborating with JinMatic

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Results. Results. Results. Yes, you all want high rankings on Google but we want to give you more than that – high converting traffic that makes your business profitable.

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Our core value is a deep respect for you and the money you paid for our services, regardless the size of your business and industry.

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Whether it’s communication, SEO technical issues, content strategies, reports or lunch suggestion (kidding), responsibilities is on us to get the most out of the project.

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To track the work progress and your keyword rankings, an easy-to-read ranking reports will be delivered every month to your inbox.

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