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Overview: is an online retailer of sexy lingerie launched in 2014. This e-shop has more than 2K products from different lingerie companies. The shop owner contacted us for SEO services around 4 years ago, following the development of his website.


The owner and his employees spare a lot of time and energy crafting thousands of pages for their products, but the website was still not getting any sufficient amount of traffic and sales.

When we examined this problem, we found out that most probably, because of the character of this business, prospective buyers often look up names of categories instead of individual products and brands, before making a buying decision.

This made us carry out extensive keyword research for relevant lingerie categories e.g sexy g-strings Malaysia, sex toys Malaysia, etc. We landed on some categories that enjoyed a massive volume of searches and purchase intention. This definitely sparked our attention and guided us towards the next step, which was the heart of our work–grouping of relevant content.

Content grouping, in a few words, is the way you link relevant website content. For instance, under the mother category “Sexy lingerie” there are children categories like “g-strings” and “bustiers”.

An efficient content grouping process enables the optimization of a landing page, with a focus on certain keywords.

However, we should not forget that the content should appeal not only to search engines but to the people that search it online.


Significant results were noted after just 2 months of our SEO services in action. Despite the fact that some targeted landing pages did not rank on top, the increase in sales was satisfactory enough to enable the owner to keep and grow their business.

After 6 months of work, the results were nothing but spectacular. There was a definite increase in search volume for certain keywords and the shop ranked on top of Google’s results. The customer still works with us this year and organic traffic is still an important source of their overall traffic.

About the Client

SexyWawa offers sexy lingerie and adult toys online.


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